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Fix & Supply Doors & Hinges

Doors & Hinges

At Bld Boards We have Indterior Doors, Sliding Ban Doors & Security Entrance Doors. All Doors INCLUDE: Door Frames, Architraves,Hinges and Handles.

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    PVC Wrap Doors (wrapped doors)

    These doors are made by coating the substrate with high performance adhesive, applying the vinyl and then applying vacuum pressure to the door. After this process the vinyl is drawn to the shape of the substrate by suction to simulate solid wood, or any other solid colour finish. Vinyls are available in a great range of colours and finishes, and are fairly robust. Hang your doors the day you get them. No finishing is required.

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    Interior Flush Doors

    This is a premium finish on chipboard or supawood, High Gloss MDF Board is suitable for use on fine quality residential and contract furniture, casework, and also for architectural application on inside wall, interior doors and sliding door systems.

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