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Superwood / MDF

Superwood / MDF

Supawood / MDF is a very versatile material and any designer’s dream. A multitude of patterns and designs can be applied to it through our CNC process.

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    Superwood / MDF

    Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) blends the advantages of manufactured board with the natural properties of solid timber, allowing for most traditional wood working techniques.

    Its construction allows for moulding, embossing, routing and edge profiling and is perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Used either in its raw state or as a substrate for decorative products and offers great machinability, moisture resistance and strength.

    Can be used in its natural colour or stained with a lacquer while it also provides a surface that is ideal for priming, painting, printing, veneering and laminating with melamine impregnated paper or High Pressure Laminates/Formica.

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